Message from Ron

 My name is Ron Shore and I have assembled a team of concerned people to start a new breast cancer foundation in remembrance of my sister-in-law who passed away from breast cancer two days after giving birth to my niece. When I personally experienced what can happen to a family who loses a mother and friend to breast cancer, I was moved to do something about it and to unite mothers, wives, sisters and daughters who have been impacted by this disease. Also recognizing that fathers, husbands, brothers and sons are similarly impacted when one of their family is told they have breast cancer.

When a loved one passes away from breast cancer, you begin to see just how horrific this disease really is.  When one in nine women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, you realize that more than one of your friends will suffer.  I have personally seen the loss of a member of my own family and know what it is like to see a daughter grow up without a mother.

The Hunt for the Cause Foundation was started as a direct result of the deep sadness experienced by my family and my hope that somehow I can make a positive difference through others like you.  My dream is to get women connected to each other who can help each other, detect, support and ultimately cure breast cancer.

I have asked a number of people to be involved in both the Canadian and American branches of this foundation.  Although I am only one person, I have found by simply asking for help, people are willing to do whatever they can to make a positive difference to get one step closer in our hunt for the cure for breast cancer.  The goal of this Website is to help raise funds for the early detection, prevention, and cure for breast cancer.  In addition, my team and I are pulling together to create a global breast cancer network which hopes to assist all women and loved ones impacted by breast cancer by providing relevant information and creating a community for support during this uncertain time.

Gabi's Story

"By the time we knew there was a problem, her liver was so extensively involved that the likelihood of Gabi living was very limited. Did she forgo treatment?."

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