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If you are a woman, a mother or daughter, friend or sister of someone who has breast cancer, we want to be able to provide information and knowledge to empower you and your loved ones to get through this most difficult time. I would ask that if there is something you can do to help us achieve our goals, in any of the above areas, we would love it if you would contact us. We would be honored to help you in any way that we are able or get you connected to others that might help. If you are someone who has a story to tell or a unique expertise that might help others in our efforts to fight breast cancer or to help people, family and friends of people who are afflicted with breast cancer, then please contact us at HuntfortheCause@yahoo.com .





Canadian Charitable Registration No.833125628RR0001

US Charitable Registration No.26-3261583


Gabi's Story

"By the time we knew there was a problem, her liver was so extensively involved that the likelihood of Gabi living was very limited. Did she forgo treatment?."

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